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All for One event screen

In Short

  • Farm or buy event essences
  • Form a team with each Class present in it
  • Play Scaling Normal Dungeons (Painful, Excruciating, Fatal)
  • Clear the map and kill the Sentinel
  • Break the sealed Chest
    • There is a sealed chest in the map
    • The location is always the same in each map
    • The chest is sealed and only one class can break the seal by using Spirit Essences (the chest indicates what class should break it)
    • Hope you will get a Rune Fragment
    • Hope you will get 4 different rune fragments so you can craft a rune ... eventually
  • Craft the rune
    • Hope you will get rune of your liking. When you are crafting a rune you are getting a random rune. That means you might not get the rune you were looking for (even though they are all useless)
  • Bang your head in the wall once you realize for what kind of useless reward you had to do all that grinding
  • Repeat all the previous steps

Daily Reward

All for One Daily Box Icon All for One Daily Box


AfO Event Chest Nui's Chest AfO Event Chest bunch of monsters


Spellweaver Seal
Nui's Chest-SW Seal
Ranger Seal
Nui's Chest-RA Seal
Dragonknight Seal
Nui's Chest-DK Seal
Steam Mechanicus Seal




Schematic - Group Effect Runes Icon Schematic - Group Effect Runes
You can get the recipe as a drop from Nui's Chest OR you can buy it from The Ghastly Gnob for 15 Drak14 Draken.

Spellweaver Runes

Dragonknight Runes

Ranger Runes

Steam Mechanicus Runes


Random Lesser Group Effect Rune


All for One Shop DK All for One Shop RA All for One Shop SM All for One Shop