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"I called you forth. You have come."


Ammon's true name, like his story, is shrouded in obscurity. Attempts to unravel the mystery of his name quickly discover that it comes from the word for "The Cryptic," and it fits this secretive mage like the masked helmet he dons to remain incognito.

The giant figure radiates a tangible aura of power that delivers magical visions to tested heroes, spurring them to assist him with his method of fighting the beings of the Anderworld. Ammon is seeking so-called Materi fragments that contain essences of the Creator's power, and which he hopes to use to reestablish balance between the worlds.

Those heroes who have been called by the Worldly Wanderer into the parallel world sometimes speculate on how Ammon has collected such an astonishingly grand knowledge of the history and nature of creation: Some believe he has lived far longer than the years of normal men, and may in fact be immortal; others believe he has managed to visit the Anderworld - and survived.

Quest Locations and RewardsEdit

Note: These are the old quests, rewards and locations. To read the latest info visit Parallel World article.

1. Grimmagstone - Ring of Life

2. Hagastove Grotto - Ammon's Wings

3. Catacombs... - Ammon's Horizon

4. Wildherz Caves - Ammon's Clutches

5. Prison of Souls... - Ammon's Journey

6. Watery Grave... - Staff of the End of Time, Bow of the End of TimeHandaxe of the End of Time, End Times Shotgun

Deadly BlowRing of Death

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Ammon's Redoubt