Andermant (A) is one of the main forms of game currency, which can be both found in-game and purchased for real money. Use andermant to purchase equipment, upgrade items, purchase gems, etc. The andermant pool is shared between all characters on the same account & server. 

Found In-GameEdit

  • Dropped from monsters (drops from monsters out of your current level range will reflect the relative difficulty)
  • Chest drops
  • Quest reward

Real-Money PurchaseEdit

Purchase andermant in-game by clicking the Purchase button (Hotkey "P") Ingame ander. A new shop window will allow you to purchase andermant in bulk or purchase a Premium Account. From the Home screen of the Drakensang website, add andermant through this button:

You can also participate in Cash-for-Action options from the sponsors.


Purchase a variety of items and services using andermant:

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