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# Lvl Quest Giver Destination Rewards
1 22 Alfred (Werian Sanctuary) Werian Sanctuary A 3, S 2 C 2, XP: 643
2 22 Alfred (Werian Sanctuary) Eternal Grove A 22, S 13 C 33, XP: 4246
3 22 Alfred (Werian Sanctuary) Eternal Grove A 11, S 6 C 46, XP: 2059

22 another world view 1

Another world view 1.1

Father caelius ilk

Another world view 1.2

22 another world view 2

Another world view 2.1

Ancient amphorae

Another world view 2.2

22 another world view 3

Another world view 3.1

Donnan artaya

Another world view 3.2

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