"The temple of Atlantis once shone brightly with wisdom, yet when the rulers raised themselves above it, a bottomless abyss opened into infinitely dark depths."



For thousands of years the former glory of Atlantis lay sunken on the ocean floor, and it faded into myth. Many have sought the legendary island, but none found it - until now. Brave heroes follow the hints gleaned from an expedition and set off on an old path, the road to Ashraya. Ashraya is where the Atlanteans fled when their home sank below the waves; it is a shimmer of hope in the deep. Those found worthy of passing through the Gorgon Gate will strike upon the last of the Atlanteans there, and with the knowledge of a path leading to the old port of Atlantis, which is now a Ship Graveyard and the home of the subjugated Zorlobb and Jabbax.

Level RangeEdit


Urban AreasEdit



Final BossEdit

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