Banner of War
Dk Dragonknight
Range Melee
Effect Unlimited rage
Area of Effect Circle
Cooldown 60 seconds
Rage -60
>>Required Level 35

Banner of War

Banner of War is an ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 35.

Description Edit

Drives a Banner of War into the ground, creating a battle arena for a total of 10,0 seconds. Entering this arena will replenish your rage. Any skills you use in this arena will not cost you any rage.

Talent enhancements Edit

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
D402 Intimidate Banner of War reduces the movement speed of all foes within the affected area by 40%. 36 2
D402 Mighty Banner of War All foes in the area affected by Banner of War will suffer 30% of your base damage as fire damage per second. 37 3
D402 Motivating Banner In the area affected by Banner of War, your attack speed is 35% faster. 38 5

Usage Edit

Banner of War is considered by many to be the best skill for Dragonknights. Though skills no longer cost rage, cooldowns are still in place. The Dragonknight must be within the banner's arena in order to receive its beneficts, as well as enemies will only be affected within the banner's arena. This makes Banner of War a more efficient skill when fighting large waves of enemies, especially against melee fighters. Ranged enemies whho can stay outside the arena will still be able to attack in safety since Banner of War cannot switch place, and obligating Dragonknights to engage the remaining targets out of the banner's area of effect.

Critics Edit

Despite of being classified as the best skill for Dragonknights, Banner of War has received negative comments about its use in PvP. Dragonknights must be in close range in order to deal damage, while Spellweavers and Rangers are able to deal damage from a distance, and the use of Teleport, Dive or Rage Jump is enough to instantly get out of the arena. This makes Banner of War an almost useless skill in PvP against ranged classes, since they are able to attack the Dragonknight outside Banner of War's area of effect. Yet, Banner of War is still seen as a perfect skill in high difficulty PvE. Most Dragonknight players even say that Banner of War is the only skill that, when active, gives the Dragonknight the feeling of being invencible, especially when combined with the Dragon Hide skill.

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