Basic Info
Location Eternal Grove
Level 25
Skills Blade Dance, Swarm of Bees, Strike, Swing
Drops Sw Bearach of Untamed Scorn
RBearach Tormentor
Dk Bearach Torturer
D Bearach Storm

Venture through the natural forest of Eternal Grove until you reach the end of the path. Here you will face Bearach, the Champion and protector of the Goddess of the Hunt. Upon slaying, Bearach may drop a level 25, unique, 2-handed weapon.


  • Blade Dance - jump towards a player, stunning for 2 seconds if hit
  • Swarm of Bees - after swinging his weapon around he unleashes a swarm of bees, which follows a player for several seconds; deals high damage and slows player for 4 seconds if hit
  • Strike - melee strike at a single player
  • Swing - melee swing hits multiple players in close range


Unique Drops Edit


Level 25 weapons randomly dropped

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Bearach of Untamed Scorn
Bearach Tormentor
Bearach Torturer
Bearach storm Bearach Storm

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