Blade dance1
Blade Dance

"Performs a blade dance in direction to the current mouse position. All enemies hit in its way will take 65% of the Ranger's basic damage as physical damage, be marked for 6,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and slowed down by 30%. Marked enemies will take double damage."

You are an unstoppable force of slashing and hacking when you whirl in a deadly blade dance to the desired position. Whirl in an unstoppable and deadly blade dance to the desired position and inflict 75% of your basic damage as physical damage to all enemies in your way. Marked enemies will suffer double the damage.

  • Costs: 40 Concentration
  • Essence cost: 3
  • Level: 26


Talent Point Cost Level Unlocked Name Description
2 27 Sense Your Enemy Blade Dance marks affected foes for 6 (PvP: 3) seconds.
3 28 Light Blades Reduces Blade Dance costs by 13 concentration.
5 29 Leaf in the Wind Every critical hit you make with a Blade Dance reduces all active cooldown times by 1 second.


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