Buffs are consumable items that temporarily grant bonuses when consumed.
NOTE: Since R166 buffs can't be used in official arenas.

Special BuffsEdit

Special Buffs cannot be bought in-game at traders or merchants, but instead can be gained from event progress, Surprise Box, the Gnob or the Trader which can be accessed by pressing 'T' in-game.

Buff / Blessing Duration Effect Location
Blessing of speed Blessing of Haste 10 sec +30,0% Travel speed Helios Games
Armor Armor protection 5 min +50,0% Armor value Surprise Box
Might blessing Blessing of Might 5 min +50,0% Damage Surprise Box
Speed Blessing of Speed 5 min +50,0% Attack speed Surprise Box
Eggnog Elixir of Spring 5 min +10,0 Damage
-5,0% Attack speed
Candy Sticky-as-Tar Candy 30 min +10% Damage Gnob
Royalroastedpheasant Royal Roasted Pheasant 30 min +30,0% Armor value Winter Solstice Event

Normal BuffsEdit

Normal buffs can be bought in-game in the form of either food or blessing.

BuffsFood can be obtained from merchants with this symbol above their heads. Foods usually last longer than blessings, but also are weaker.

BlessingsBlessings can be obtained from merchants with this symbol above their heads. Blessings usually last shorter than foods, but are stronger.

Location NPC (duration) Level Cost
Grimford Bertram the Peddler
(30 min)
Simple heros breakfast Simple Hero's Breakfast 1 C 57
Fruit of the garden Fruit of the Garden 1 S 1 C 34
Father Priscus
(3 min)
Pilgrim's prayer Pilgrim's Prayer 1 S 2 C 1
Kingshill Edmund
(30 min)
Small heros breakfast Small Hero's Breakfast 10 S 2 C 27
Royal pumpkin pie Regal Pumpkin Pie 10 S 5 C 28
Royal vintage rum Royal Vintage Wine 10 A 42
Father Fidelis
(3 min)
Ecclesiastical letter of protection Ecclesiastical Letter of Protection 10 S 7 C 94
Sacred protective candle Sacred Protective Candle 10 A 67
Werian Sanctuary Osborn
(30 min)
Hero's breakfast Hero's Breakfast 20 S 4 C 47
Finest honey from the eternal grove Finest Honey from the Eternal Grove 20 A 84
St. weian's stewSt. Werian's Stew 20 S 10 C 43
Father Caelius
(3 min)
Consecrated votive herbs Consecrated Votive Herbs 20 S 15 C 66
Liturgy of hope Liturgy of Hope 20 A 134
Resistance Command Center Kenneth
(30 min)
Generous heros breakfast Generous Hero's Breakfast 25 S 5 C 78
Sauteed wing of the dragonspawn Sautéed Wings of the Dragonspawn 25 S 13 C 49
Shorfolk fish with lemon Shorfolk Fish with Lemon 25 A 125
Father Amadeus
(3 min)
Incandescent dragonscale Incandescent Dragon Scale 25 S 20 C 24
Holy water from tegan's sanctuary Holy Water from Tegan's Sanctuary 25 A 200

Jarlshofn /

Hognis Mine  

Peer /

(30 min)

Big heros breakfast Big Hero's Breakfast 30 S 7 C 28
Spices and a shot Spices and a Shot 30 S 17
Refined lorti liquer Refined Lorti Liqueur 30 A 168
Alvis Runeseer /

Skirnir Truthseer
(3 min)

Hymn of the ancestral singer Hymn of the Ancestral Singer 30 S 25 C 52
Rune stone of ancestral protection Rune Stone of Ancestral Protection 30 A 268


(30 min)
Filling heros breakfast Filling Hero's Breakfast 35 S 9 C 6
Fine mussels in wine Fine Mussels in Wine 35 S 21 C 14
Satyr tongue skewers with onions Satyr Tongue Skewers with Onion 35 A 209
(3 min)
Volcano poultice Volcano Poultice 35 S 31 C 71
Imperial blessing Imperial Blessing 35 A 335


(30 min)
Enormous hero's breakfast Enormous Hero's Breakfast 40 S 11 C 19
Sugarfish and caramel parfait Sugarfish and Caramel Parfait 40 A 250
(3 min)
The blessing of j'aladou The Blessing of J'Aladou 40 S 39 C 17
Oceanus tears Oceanus' Tears 40 A 400
Watery Grave Abigail
(30 min)
Ghostly anglerfish Ghostly Anglerfish 40 S 39 C 17
Ancient rum Ancient Rum 40 A 250
Father Rufus
(3 min)
Blessed ship bell Blessed Ship Bell 40 S 39 C 17
Balm for the soul Balm for the Soul 40 A 400


(30 min)
Field ration Field Ration 40 S 13
Myrdoscher dwarf brew Myrdoscher Dwarf Brew 40 S 60
Dumplings with sauce Dumplings with Sauce 40 A 250
Fardosh Firesight
(3 min)
Holy glow stick  Holy Glow Stick 40 S 48
Frygon fire blessing Fyrgon's Fire Blessing 40 A 490



(30 min)

Field ration Frontier Field Ration 50 S79
(3 min)
Holy glow stick Frontier Glow Stick 50 S95

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