Cap death
Cap of Death
Sw Spellweaver
(Head, Hat)
119 Armor
Base Values
119 Armor (base)
+60-75 Damage
+10,0-12,0% Attack Speed
Durability: 20/20
>> Requires level 50
Melting value:Glyph icon 29400
Selling price: G - S -
Location: Mortis


Mortis in Mortis' Courtroom



Level 50 UpgradeEdit

Cap death
Sw Spellweaver
(Head, Hat)
Base Values
46 Armor (base)
+70 Damage
+10,00% Attack Speed
Hammer upgrade 10
Melting value:Glyph icon 13.953.817
Level:40 Increase Level: 50
30 Armor value +15,7 46
50 Damage +20,0 70
Glyphs: 13.938.487 Level: 50

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