Essences (aka ammo) are consumable items, which increase your damage output. Essences are used at varying rates depending on the skill used. Essences stack up to 9999x per inventory slot.

All essences and bonusesEdit

Icon Lvl Name Damage Obtained Through Price
Minor essence of agression 1 Minor Essence of Aggression +5 Damage World loot, Trader S 5 (999x)
Ordinary essence of agression 10 Ordinary Essence of Aggression +16 Damage World loot, Trader S 30 (999x)
Greater essence of agression 20 Larger Essence of Aggression +26 Damage World loot, Trader S 35 (999x)
Mighty essence of agression 30 Mighty Essence of Aggression +34 Damage World loot, Trader S 40 (999x)
Potent essence of agression 40 Potent Essence of Aggression +40 Damage World loot, Trader S 45 (999x)
Overwhelming Essence of aggression Icon 50 Overwhleming Essence of aggression +50


World loot, Trader S 50 (999x)
Essence of combat 1 Essence of Combat

(PvP: +0%)

World loot, Trader, Magic Treasure Chests A 300 (999x)
Purpleess 1 Essence of War

(PvP: +0%)

Trader, Extraordinary Treasure Chests

A 160 (250x)
A 600 (999x)

Essence of destruction 1 Essence of Destruction

(PvP: +0%)

Trader, Legendary Treasure Chests

A 310 (250x)
A 1.200 (999x)

Event EssencesEdit

Icon Name Bonus Obtained Through Price
Essence of vitality abduction Essence of Vitality Abduction

(PvP: +0%) 
15% Life Drained

Storm of Essences, The Ghastly Gnob, Event Rewards (depends on event)

Drak14 50 (500x)
A 800 (999x)

Ordin light ess Ordinary Essence of Light Destroys Darkness Terrifying Shadows -
Light essence Light Essence

(PvP: +0%) Destroys Darkness

Terrifying Shadows

A 600 (500x)
A 950 (999x)

Powerful light ess Mighty Light Essences

(PvP: +0%) Destroys Darkness

Terrifying Shadows

A 1100 (500x)
A 1800 (999x)

Snow ess Snow Essence

(PvP: +0%) Widespread icy cold

Winter Solstice Festival (2012 & 2013)

A 200 (100x)
A 980 (500x)
A 1800 (999x)

Silver essences 1 Silver Essences Spruced up with silver Varholm - Daytime A 350 (500x)
A 650 (999x)
Shining Silver Essences Shining Silver Essences +150%
(PvP: +0%)

Spruced up with silver

Full Moon(new) A 180(150x)
A 600 (500x)
A 840 (700x)
A 1199 (999x)
Colorful Essence Colorful Essence Filled with the might of color Dragan's Rage A 150 (100x)
A 600 (500x)
A 999 (999x)


  • In Events such as Bloody Harvest, Winter Solstice and Terrifying Shadows, essences that "destroy darkness" must be used to defeat the main boss.
  • Silver Essences (or Scrolls) that are "spruced up with silver" must be used to defeat all monsters during the Full Moon Event in Varholm (Night).

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