Cloaks are obtainable by completing a series of quest, achieving certain objective in events, or purchase (with Andermants) through NPC Zahir


Purchase these cloaks from Zahir in Kingshill for andermant, which can be immediately worn (after you've met the minimum requirements).

Icon Name Attributes Andermant Cost
Luck Banner happiness Cloak of Luck 30 Armor value
+ 7 Damage
ZahirA 3200
Cloak of Viridjian Cloak of Viridjian(2) Cloak of Viridjian 30 Armor value
3.0% faster travel speed
+ 7 Damage
ZahirA 5400
Courage Banner courage Cloak of Courage 30 Armor value
+ 93 Health Points
+ 8 Damage
ZahirA 6400
Cloak of Xerulean Cloak of Xerulean(2) Cloak of Xerulean 30 Armor value
3.0% faster travel speed
+ 90 Health Points
+ 8 Damage
ZahirA 10800
Might Banner power Cloak of Might 134 Armor value
+ 98 Health Points
+ 10 Damage
ZahirA 12800
Cloak of Drakaurum Cloak of Drakaurum(2) Cloak of Drakaurum 130 Armor value
3.0% faster travel speed
+ 100 Health Points
+ 10 Damage
ZahirA 19890
Touch of Heaven Touch of Heaven(2) Touch of Heaven 284 Armor value
+ 250 Lightning resistance
+ 3.5% less damage from
enemy player hits
+ 35.0% higher armor
value on this item
ZahirA 24950

Cloak of PowerEdit

The following cloaks can be attained by completing the quest offered by Zahir once your character has reached Level 11 . The quests must be completed in sequential order. Therefore, you must first complete the quest for the Cloak of Initiation before you can attain the quest to the following cloak. The contracts offered by Zahir will be necessary to complete his Quest: Cloak of Power.

Icon Name Contract Cost Attributes Obtained Through
Initiation D cloak 1 Cloak of Initiation S 10 25 Armor value Zahir Quest: Cloak of Power
Green cloak D cloak 2 Cloak of Insight G 1 25 Armor value
+ 51 Health Points
Zahir Quest: Cloak of Power
Wisdom D cloak 3 Cloak of Wisdom G 10 25 Armor value
+ 72 Health Points
+ 6 Damage
Zahir Quest: Cloak of Power
Enlightenment D cloak 4 Cloak of Enlightenment G 100 111 Armor value
+ 86 Health Points
+ 9 Damage
Zahir Quest: Cloak of Power
Power D cloak 5 Cloak of Power G 1000 135 Armor value
+ 112 Health Points
+ 12 Damage
+ 130 Critical hit value
Zahir Quest: Cloak of Power

Unique cloaksEdit

Icon Name Description Obtain Through
Cloak of doom Banner gloom Cloak of Gloom Increases health by: 3%
Increases travel speed by: 3%
Increases attack speed by: 3%
+333 Increased Andermagic resistance
Terrifying Shadows (Sargon)
Helios wings Helios Victory Pauldrons +3% Critical damage
3% faster travel speed
3% increased damage to players
3% less damage from enemy player hits
Helios Games II
Winter solstice bag cloak r Winter festival bag dwarf Winter Festival Bag 3,0 % increased chance of finding items from regular monsters Winter Solstice Festival 2013
Cape of the black warlord Standards of the black warlord Cape of the Black Warlord Level 50:
+ 124 All resistance values
+ 5,0% All resistance values
5,0% faster travel speed
Curse of the Black Knights - Rise of Dragan
Cloak of the Undefeatables(1) Cloak of the Undefeatables(2) Cloak of the Undefeatables Level 55:
Enchantments :
+ random enchantment
+ random enchantment
+ random enchantment
Unique Values :
50% less time to summon Mounts
Defeat the Undefeatables VI & VII, XI, XII
Kaylin Cloak Icon Kaylin Cloak SM Icon Kaylin Lefrye's Coat Level 48:
+ 175 all resistance values
+ 175 Critical Hit Value
+ 15% critical damage
Agathon's Alliance Hall
Karabossa's Icy Cloak T1 SW Icon Karabossa's Icy Banner T1 SM Icon Karabossa's Icy Cloak Level 50:
+ 15% critical damage
+ 300 critical hit rate
+ 325 all resistance values
New Moon
Magotina's Dusky Cloak T1 SW Icon Magotina's Dusky Banner T1 SM Icon Magotina's Dusky Cloak Level 50:
7,50% increased critical hit rate
+ 175 critical hit rate
+ 645 all resistance values
New Moon
Dragan's Battleworn Cloak Tier3 SW Icon Dragan's Battleworn Banner Tier3 SM Icon Dragan's Battleworn Cloak Level 50:
+ 750 all resistance values
+ 15 Damage
5% faster travel speed
Curse of the Black Knights - Return of Dragan & II
Gwenfara's Ghostly Shroud SW Icon-0 Gwenfara's Ghostly Shroud Level 50:
10,00% faster attack speed
8,00% faster travel speed
+15,00% all resistance values
25% less time to summon Mounts
Ghost Festival
Cloak of the desert tomb iconBanner of the deep tomb icon Cloak of the Desert Tomb Level 55:
+ 15-21 Damage
+ 300-420 Health points
+ 50 Armor value
+ 320-448 All resistance values
7,4-9,9% faster attack speed
3,7-5,2% increased block rate
Bc 14000
Cloak of Heroes SW IconCloak of Heroes RA IconCloak of Heroes SM Icon Cloak of Heroes Level 55:
8,3-11,0% faster attack speed
Unique Values
9,0% increased damage
4,50 faster travel speed