Costumes can be bought from NPCs such as The Ghastly Gnob and Zahir, or won from events or through one of many other means, as listed below. Costumes change the appearance of your character and have no effect on actual game mechanics. Some costumes enable a partial cover-up, while others change your appearance from head to toe.

Icon Name Description How to obtain
Crown head Crown of the Victorious Only the most powerful and experienced arena warriors can win this crown.
Traditional Norseman Garb 1v111v121v131v14
Durian Knight Armor of Honor 3v313v323v333v34
Gladiator's Decorative Armor 5v515v525v535v54
Master Technician Uniform 6v616v626v636v64
Dk pumpkin head Eerie Jack-O'-Lantern 2011 All Hallows' Eve Eerie Jack-O'-Lantern
Reindeer head Solstice Festival Reindeer Hood -Ranger: Added soon-
Wintercap Solstice Festival Pointed Cap -Spellweaver: Added soon-
Wintercap2 Solstice Festival Horne Helmet -Dragonknight: Added soon-
Red costume - -
Bunny Bunny Costume A strange costume that makes its bearer look like a bunny. Because of some impressive magic, it will fit over any suit of armor.
Demon Demon Costume Suit up into this Glowing Demon costume and you'll have everyone scared speechless!
Headless Headless Knight If you can't tell your head from a hole in the ground, no worries!
Veritable Oriental Battle Costume A Janissary uniform will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies and can be worn over every type of armor.
Native Native American Warrior This Native American warrior dress suits every proud warrior and can be worn over every type of armor.
Dracula Count Vampire Costume Change into this costume and play a convincing Count Vampire.
Emissary Suave Costume A suave look for a Spaniard of refined taste. Suits any type of armor. 
Santa Solstice Scoundrel Dress as the Winter Solstice Fest's Ambassador of fastivities' helper to make stealing presents even easier!
Snowman Snowman Blend in with the wintery landscape as a frosty snowman, but make sure you don't get snowed!
Honorable armor Helios Armor of Honor Warrior head + Helios2 + Helios3 + Helios4

(Drak 80 + Drak 100 + Drak 150 + Drak 5) Gnob

Gold costume Veritable Warrior Spellweavers bestow it to heroes who collect mountains and mountains of Viscanium, as Viscanium can be used to extract the Crystal of Truth.
Camo Chameleon Skin Use this costume to blend into your surroundings and surprise attack your enemies.
Tgc1 Polar Explorer Ready at a moment's notice to explore the never-ending ice afoot. Watch out for crevasses!
Dress Antonia's Glamorous Gown The Queen of Duria no longer has any need for this old dress. She is offering it to her rescuer as a sign of her thanks. What an honor!
Shadow minion Shadow Minion Shadow helmet + Shadow pauldrons + Shadow armor + Shadow band
Clown Jester The jester is free to be as foolish as he likes. Help make the world a funnier place!
Razr tabard Razer Tabard A sharp Razer Tabard
Dark mage costume Dark Mage Costume You'll need these dark robes to disguise your gleaming hero's armor while you're studying dark magic.
Crimson hunting costume Crimson Hunting Costume Only the bravest hunters would dare wear crimson in the forest, but these aren't your ordinary sportsman - they're on the prowl for werewolves!
Greenvortex Essence Vortex Let the [color] Essence Vortex Envelop you.
Dungeon costume Dungeon Costume Suit up in this costume to travel Dracania disguised as a Dungeon Prisoner.
Miss-Tronsity Costume Miss-Tronsity Costume Put this costume on to dress up as a "Miss-Tronsity".
White Rabbit Costume White Rabbit Costume A strange costume that transforms its bearer into a White Rabbit. Because of some impressive magic, it will fit over any suit of armor.
Soldier of the Crown Soldier of the Crown This magical armor can be worn over your normal armor. It is awarded in gratitude by the Purveyor to the Royal Court to those heroes who have rendered an extraordinary service to the Crown.
Damsel Damsel The dress of a damsel, like those in the fairytales.
Diving Bell Costume(ico) Diving Bell Costume The ideal suit for diving in the deep sea.
Bone Man Bone Man The most revealing costume yet!
White Spellweaver White Spellweaver The gleaming robes of a righteous White Spellweaver. Can be worn over every type of armor.
Court Mime Court Mime Court Jesters may be free to be as foolish as they like, but the sky's the limit for mimes. Plus, black and white are flattering colors.
Pink Jester Pink Jester The Court Jester is free to be as foolish as he likes, especially when wearing pink!
Glowing Bone Man Glowing Bone Man The most revealing costume yet! Now also visible in the dark!
Dragonbane Icon Dragonbane Some warriors of the Tayaz have met Spawn of the Dragon - and killed it. They wear their heads as a trophies to show their valour in battle.
  • Drop from Protectors/ Guardians in Lor'tac.
Jungle Crawler Icon Jungle Crawler Draped in the sturdiest leaves of the jungle, this wear allows for the best camouflage in the jungle - and beyond.
  • Drop from Protectors/ Guardians in Lor'tac.
Gladiator Costume Malachite Centurion (description added soon)
Obsidian Costume Dark Demon Costume Suit up into this Dark Demon costume and you'll have everyone scared speechless!
  • Special offers (Price Varies)
Armored Skeleton Costume Icon Armored Skeleton Costume The most revealing costume yet! Now, ready for battle!
Bony Gentleman Costume Icon-0 Bony Gentleman Costume The most revealing costume yet! Now, with style!
Golden Warrior Golden Warrior Be a shimmering hero and dazzle everyone with this Golden Warrior costume.
Shadow Wanderer Costume Icon Shadow Wanderer Costume Vanish into the gloomy and spy on suspects. Who would ever take account of a shadow?
  • Drop from White Queen Karabossa and Black Queen Magotina
    New Moon
Dracanian Dragon-Horse Outfit Dracanian Dragon-Horse Outfit This costume resembles the armor of the legendary Dragon-Scale Rider.
Blood Vortex Blood Vortex A twirling proof that you comprehended the power of the blood moon.
Sand Whirl Icon Sand Whirl Surround yourself with sandy power. No one will dare to come near you, as long as the sand whirl lasts.
Matador Costume Icon Matador Costume Ready to dance with some monsters? Show them with this Matador costume. But be prepared, the red color may attract a bunch of meanies.
Scarecrow Costume1 Icon Scarecrow Costume A hideous face crowns the body made of straw, an evil smile to frighten rapacious birds. Are you ready to become the peoples' nightmare?
Celestial Dragon Icon Celestial Dragon Envelop yourself with the Celestial Dragon, the very personification of Dracania's Soul.