Basic Info
Location Teleportarium
Level 45
Difficulty Normal
Skills Jump, Drone, Submachine gun, Fire Cloak, Meteor
Drops Staff of Destruction, Bow of Destruction, Axe of Destruction, Storm Revolver of Destruction

Level 44+ players can face off against the boss of Stalgard, Destructor, located in Teleportarium.

Part 1: RamEdit

Summon the Steamdriver from the teleportarium platform to break down the gates leading to the room housing Destructor. Gates are immune from player damage.

Gates 1 & 2

Defend the Steamdriver while it breaks through the "Security Locks" on the gates. Barrages of monsters appear as the Steamdriver rams through the gate. If the Steamdrivers loses all its hitpoints, resummon another one and ram the gate again.

Bomb gear

Bomb Gears

Monsters of normal difficulty will automatically respawn every 5 minutes -- regardless of progress. 

Bomb Gears will create Marching Bombs, which will cause massive damage upon explosion. However, if bombs are defeated, they will no longer explode. The two Bomb Gears are located in section 1 and section 2. They will continue to create new bombs so long as a Special (non-normal) monster remains present in its vicinity.

State of the Gate: The final barrier to Destructor.
State of the gate

Face a miniboss Iron Creeper, which has high hitpoints and will continually summon more Longhelms until defeated.

If the Gate fails to fall during this phase, summon a new Steamdriver to continue breaking down the wall from where it was left off.

Part 2: DestructorEdit

Once you reach the main arena, prepare yourself and your team for battle.

The match will be played in 4 rounds -- each increasing in difficulty. Destructor will gain an additional skill with each round. 

To start the battle, grab a bomb (B), located near the entrance, and detonate it by Generator 1 (set up time = 5 sec). Destructor will begin the first round.


Destructor Basic Skills

  • Jump
  • Meteor - drops a powerful bomb on the ground (preceded by a warning)
  • Drone - Heat-seeking drones follows a player for 20 sec; causes large damage if it hits (cross-hairs appear over the targeted player(s)
  • Submachine gun - attacks the nearby player who holds its aggo
  • Fire cloak - causes damage to all nearby players with its elemental skill
  • Damaged Generator - releases powerful red oil missiles in a circular motion (30% slower travel speed, 10% slower attack speed, 6 sec)

Once Destructor's hitpoints drop down to 33%, it will jump back to the center of the arena at full health. Quickly detonate another Generator. Select the generator that is missing a shield or one with red piping leading toward the center. The order of unprotected Generator will vary each round. If you select the incorrect Generator, the Bomb will drop and have no effect on Destructor. If you run into red oil created by the Damaged generator while carrying a Bomb, it will drop to the ground.  Failing to detonate a generator in 20 secondswill cause destructor to restart the last round.

The Bomb Carrier's travel speed will be decreased by 20,0% (mounts can be used). If the bomb detonated within the first 5 seconds, Destructor's hitpoints will be less than maximum (~60%) the following round.

Generator Skill Added

Destructor gains a new ability each round, based on which Generator is destroyed. Each new damaged Generator will release damaging & slowing oils. The numbers listed below refer to the location of the Generator in the image above:

2. Lingering cloud after meteor
3. Increased number of drones (3)
4. Larger and longer fire cloak

Tutorial & Tactics VideoEdit

Let´s Play - Drakensang Online - Destructor guide

Let´s Play - Drakensang Online - Destructor guide

  • Attack Destructor away from the center in order to minimize damage from Damaged Generators.
  • The bomb carrier should use a mount to quickly destroy the Generator.
  • The arena contains no healing orbs. Be sure to carry extra potions in your inventory in case of emergency.

Unique DropsEdit

Randomly dropped from Destructor and Iron Creeper in the Teleportarium.

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Staff of destruction
Staff of Destruction
Destructor bow
Bow of Destruction
Axe of Destruction
Storm revolver of destruction
Storm Revolver of Destruction
Destructor robe sw
Destructor Plated Robes
Chrome 2013-10-03 06-23-50-96
Destruction Vest
Chrome 2013-10-03 06-20-52-85
Destruction Cuirass
Destruction unit
Destruction Unit
Chrome 2013-10-03 06-06-47-69
Mystical Gear
Chrome 2013-10-03 06-27-42-34
 Mysterious Gear
Chrome 2013-10-03 06-27-55-92
Powerful Gear
Rotational gear
Rotating Gear