# Lvl Quest Giver Location Destination Rewards
1 29 Brana Kallos RC Center Dragon Caverns A 20, S 16 C 45, XP: 3328
2 29 Brana Kallos RC Center Dragon Caverns A 26, S 21 C 26, XP: 4302
3 29 Brana Kallos RC Center The Hidden Sanctum A 40, S 32 C 51, XP: 6580

29 dragon prophecy 1

29 dragon prophecy 1-1

Dragon prophecy a

29 dragon prophecy 2

Dragon-brood Gurdians of the Realm will be found in the atrium near the entrance to The Hidden Sanctum, but will not always be present. The map may need to be reset to find them.

29 dragon prophecy 2-1

Dragon prophecy c

29 dragon prophecy 3

29 dragon prophecy 3-1

Dragon prophecy d

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