Dragon Brood


Born out of pure greed, this creature is the product of humanity's selfish desires to create something in their image and make it their willing subject. But man should not meddle with nature and toy with that which they do not fully understand.

Dragon brood can walk and wield weapons just like humans, but are incapable of fully flying due to their under-developed wings which buckle under the weight of their bodies. Covered in scales and hardened ridges along their spine, horns and skull, these green-eyed beasts burn with hatred and the desire to show off their strength, destroy their enemies, and move forward in the pecking order.

Although these monstrosities may never be able to please their creators, they do make excellent commanders, highly capable of giving other Anderworld creatures their orders and pushing them forth to battle.

"The pure sight of this creature made me tremble with fear and disgust, but much more, it made me question why such a creature should ever exist."

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