Dragon hide
Dragon Hide
Dk Dragonknight
Range Self
Effect Armor and resistance increased
Duration of Effect 8,0 seconds
Area of Effect Self
Cooldown 60 seconds
>>Required Level 30

Dragon Hide

Dragon Hide is an ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 30.

Description Edit

Toughens your skin and increases all of your armor and resistance values for 8,0 seconds.

Talent enhancements Edit

Icon Skill name Enchancements Level Cost
Dragon hide Dragon's Meal As long as Dragon Hide is active, you will regenerate 30% of the damage you caused in Health Points. 31 2
Dragon hide Pact of the Dragon Using "Dragon Hide" frees you from stuns and any other negative effects. 32 3
Dragon hide Golden Scales While Dragon Hide is active, you are immune to all negative effects. 33 3

Usage Edit

Dragon Hide is the skill that makes Dragonknights the effective tanks they are. Highly increasing all resistances, a Dragonknight will be able to endure even the most damaging physical and elemental attacks. If combined with Banner of War, and upgraded with "Dragon power" talent, the result may be an almost invincible Dragonknight. It is an essential skill when dealing with large waves of enemies and an indispensable skill against Spellweavers and other elemental damage dealers.

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