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Drakensang Online is the epic new action RPG game that features extraordinary 3D graphics and effects and heralds the next generation of free-to-play online browser games.

With the ability to customize your character, skills and magic powers like never before, join your comrades to wage a brutal war against evil in this legendary new game.


Recently there was an announcement made by one of the game designers in which he said, designers are working on changing the current PvP. The changes should be made in the way so all your gear (items, gems, runes, GoPs, etc) can't be used in the arena anymore. All PvP modes will be removed and only one new 5v5 mode would be implemented. He said there will be few other modes available but you can't select mode you want to play, you will have to play the default mode for an hour or so, so another random mode would be available to you. All players from level 1 to level 55 would scale to same level with same stats. In other words MOBA like PvP in RPG game. Don't be confused with F2P being equal with P2W because this doesn't mean you will get equal since a new way of paying system would be implemented. In other words F2P players would lose all their farmed gear but P2W would be able to buy the new gear again. A simple question: do you like the proposed changes or not?

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