Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Helios

Ellonidos can be accessed by Jarlshofn and leads to Mystra.


  • Alchemist: Mister Query
  • Artifact Merchant: Dimitrios
  • Chandler: Thekla
  • Essence Merchant: Varvara
  • Jeweler: Han Hertzberg
  • Kobold: Levander 
  • Priest: Filippos
  • Smithy Apprentice: Spiros
  • Tamer: Grizmek
  • Villiage Smithy: Gerasimos
  • Workbench

Other NPCsEdit

  • Master of Battle: Archos Andronikos
  • Quest Keeper: Captain Anne Reed
  • Quest Keeper: Expedition Leader Maximillian Cragwolf
  • Quest Keeper: Rakorus Munterium
  • Realm Mage: Thabo

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