Emotes enable your character to perform funny movements, music and effects to surprise and amuse. Emotes disable other movements during its duration so no other action can be performed simultaneously. Each emotes takes up one storage space and can be activated with the right mouse button. When the Event Merchant, Gnob, stops by Kingshill, he may offer many of these emotes for a price in drakens.

Icon Name Time Description Obtained
Jugleremote Red Juggler's Pins 3 s The player juggles
Dance Rustic dance 5 s Performs a rustic jig on the dance floor
Dragon's breath
Spectacular dragon's breath 3 s Spit fire like the dragons of old
Heavy dumbbel Incredibly Heavy Dumbbell 8 s Lift the dumbbell as a feat of mighty strength
Fireworks Spectacular Fireworks 6 s Ignites a spectacular display of fireworks in the sky. (consumable)
Festive stormball horn Festive Stormball Horn 7 s Show 'em how to blow a horn! The mighty echo will even cause walls to topple. Just the thing to bring the Stormball extravaganza to life.
Simple stormball horn Simple Stormball Horn 4 s A simple horn to bring the Stormball extravaganza to life. (consumable)
Stormball keepy-uppy Stormball keepy-uppy 6 s Show off your Stormball skills in a round of keepy-uppy. Finish off the whole thing with a long-range shot!
Kiss Sweetly Blown Kiss 5 s This blown kiss truly came from the heart.
Springevent Spring fever 10 s Even the bravest of heroes from Duria can barely contain their rapture at the approaching spring.
FBlike Scream of Jubilation 5 s Wanna give voice to something you like?
  • Facebook bonuscode (July 2012)
  • Zahir A 2092, only during -25% discount)
3rdplace Honorable Third Place 14 s Ascend to the third step on your way to glory.
2ndplace Glorious Second Place 14 s Ascend to the second step on your way to glory.
1stplace Renowned First Place 14 s Ascend to the first step on your way to glory.
Gremlin toss Gremlin Toss 20 s Test your upper body strength and see if you can toss a gremlin farther than anyone else!
Kalinka Malinka Kalinka Malinka 10 s Dazzle your audience by skillfully performing a traditional dance interlude from afar!
Jumprope Jump Rope 12 s Jumping rope is fun and it keeps you young!
Push ups Push Ups 12 s Put everyone to shame by doing more push ups than they do!
Break Break Test 11 s Smash through the stone tablet! "Hii ya!" Mind over matter!
Spec fireworks Impressive New Year's Fireworks 12 s This gigantic rocket is packed with explosive alchemy and it will magically transport you to the new year with a bang!
Wrestle Wrestlemaniac! 12 s Time to show everyone who the champion of the ring is!
Bow emote Bow 3 s Bowing can mean a number of different things. It can be a greeting or a sign of respect or gratitude. It can also be to mock or spite someone.
Laughing fit Laughing Fit 12 s Use a Laughing Attack to show our enemies how little respect you have for them
Attack Attack! 5 s Use this battle cry to call your allies into battle with you.
Threaten Threaten 4 s This emote helps anyone who wants to mess with you.
Power of the heavens Power of the Heavens 10 s You have the power of all the heavens on our side. Let your sword be the beacon and watch as your enemies shudder.
Shadowboxib Shadowboxing 7 s Practice Makes Perfect
Lute Lute 21 s Is that a lute I hear? They make such sweet music. Careful though - wouldn't want to get a ticket for disturbing the peace.
Victory dance Victory Dance 9 s You won - Time to bend over and shake your tail feather!
Backflip Somersault 5 s It'll make you jump for joy!
Moonwalk Moonwalk 13 s The coolest dance move of all time. (Duration 7 days)
Razer emot Razer Flag 12 s Raise the flag with the 3 green snakes!
Wave Wave 3 s Wave hello to your friends!
Riverdance1 Riverdance 13 s Cut a Rug!
Throw snowball Throw Snowball 8 s To the snowball fight!
Build snowman Build Snowman 18 s Build a little snowman with a real carrot nose
Battery fireworkss Battery of Festival Fireworks 17 s Light the fuse and enjoy!
Battery fireworks Festival Fireworks 8 s Light it up ... throw it and BOOM!
Professor jullov's monster Professor Jullov's Monster 15 s An experiment from the Laboratory of Professor Jullov. Speak to your local nutty professor about risks and side effects.
Emote- coin toss Coin Toss 6 s Toss a coin to make a decision.
Dracaty's cheer icon Dracaty's Cheer 14 s Only those players who participated in and won the events will receive this exclusive Community Emote
Touch of Thunder Icon Touch of Thunder 12 s Only the most powerful heroes of Dracania will receive the blessing of thunder.
Revenant Revenant 9 s The dead have returned!
Victory Jump Icon Victory Jump 4 s You are the toughest one around? Show it to everyone!
Dracanian Style Icon Dracanian Style 22 s Crabs in the pants? No, my father showed me that dance! Now you can learn it, too!

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