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List of Available EffectsEdit

Enabling Equipment EffectsEdit

You have to enable the Equipment Effects by using right amount of Creatress' Tear Icon Creatress' Tears on the item. The amount of needed Creatress' Tear Icon Creatress' Tears is stated in the item's tooltip.
Collect enough Creatress' Tear Icon Creatress' Tears, right click on them and use them on desired item.
If you want to remove already applied effect on item you can buy Equipment Effect Remover Icon Equipment Effect Remover from the shop. The price per remover is A19.

Enabling the Effects in SettingsEdit

Settings - Effects

You can open the "Game Settings" menu and turn them off/on. For now you can't turn them completely off.
You can enable Effects:
- only on your items (you can't see other players' effects).
- on your items and people in your group.
- everyone's effects ( Enabling this option may slow down your system).