Eternal Eyes

"We know, we see, we are eternal."

Even the ancestral singers of the northlands, who for uncounted centuries have preserved the wisdom of their people, cannot say how the eternal eyes came to be and where there true purpose lies. It is said that in the massive stony figures that resemble the head of a northern fighter rest the souls of the mightiest ancestors of eons past.

hey are believed to be over three thousand years old, from the time when the savage high priest of the ice god, Sigrismarr Frostclaw, was vanquished and his soul bound in Hjalgrimur. The Eternal Eyes were placed in the direct vicinity of his former temple, forever watching. In fact, the site is today known as the Eternal Watch.

The stony eyes somehow gleam with the combined knowledge of numerous souls, and the individual statues even appear to share a collective consciousness. Anyone capable of understanding the ancient, mysterious language may well be able to acquire new skills that could help to face down the threat of Frostclaw's vengeance.

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