Fairy-summoning Wand
Use, is not depleted when used
Invoke your fairy - the fairy envelops you with fairy dust, which helps you run faster in your urban area.
Calls your little compananion
Increases travel speed by: 25%
Obtained Through: Craft from Small Surprise Chest rewards: Fairy1 + Fairy2 + Fairy3 + Fairy4, Grizmek the Tamer A 4989, Lucky Companion Package
Fairy Summoning Wand

To make the Fairy-summoning Wand, you need these four items listed below.

  1. Fairy1 Ordinary Lock of Hair from a Fair Maiden
  2. Fairy2 Gnarled Branch from Ancient Oaks
  3. Fairy3 Pollen from Everlasting Fairy Lilies
  4. Fairy4 Flawless Diamond

You can get these items from a Small Surprise Chest.

Once you have each of them, put them in a Workbench and craft them together to make a Fairy-summoning Wand.