Frost wolves


"I never thought anything could make me quake in terror until the day I heard the frigid howl of the frost wolf."

The frost wolves and their icy call are the driving force behind the merciless rampages of Sigrismarr Frostclaw. It was he who summoned these primordial creations of the ice god back into existence, to wreak his horrifying vengeance on humankind.

When the hordes of northern gnomes and whirling ice minions flank those who pose a threat, it is the frost wolves who control the battle from the background. They walk erect, rising high above the tiny gnomes. Their eyes gleam a frigid blue while they gnash their sharp teeth and extend their long claws.

The frost wolves show no mercy when they drive their servants into battle in the name of their cold god. Their bloodcurdling howls drive their minions to carry out new feats, and the frosty chains of ice the subjects bear do more than just cause immense pain. They can even force the northern gnomes back into battle once they have fallen prey to the Eternal Ice.

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