Ghost of the Holy Father

Faith is good. Control is better!


Even when alive the High Father was not much beloved. As the high priest of the Order in Kingshill, he was seen by all as an arrogant, unpleasant moralizer - especially by those within the church itself. The old, gaunt man was outwardly strict, but internally was possessed by a rigid need for control and constantly plagued by doubt. It wasn't just children who feared this lean, stiff figure with the piercing eyes.

Thanks to his infatuation with the Nefetari cultists, Prince Aldred gained access to the King's crypt of Kingshill and it was the High Father who tried to stop him. He was taken prisoner by the cultists, dragged to the Prison of Souls and then killed by Khalys. Yet the spirit of the High Father can find no rest. In a booming voice he calls upon heroes who dare to tread the old cloister to battle for the holy Order. His greatest goal: the downfall of Khalys, the snake-haired high priestess of the Nefertari cult.

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