Gorga Scale
Dk Dragonknight
(Off Hand, Shield)
??? Armor value
??? Block Rate
Base Values
??? Armor value (base)
400 Block Rate (base)
+280 Hitpoints
+240 Armor value
Regenerates 5 Hitpoints per Second
+ 1,0 increased block strength
Durability: 80/80
>> Requires level 40
Melting value:Glyph icon 15330
Selling price: G - S -
Location: Gorga Difficult


Gorga (Difficult) in Desecrated Sancutary


Gorga scaleGorga Scale

Level 50 UpgradeEdit

Level: 40 Increase Level: 50
??? Block rate ???
??? Armor value ????
280 Health amount 426
5 Health regeneration (per sec) 8
Glyphs: 41.815.460 Level: 50

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