"Once part of a grand and majestic empire, imperiousness corrupted their souls; their bright lives became sullied by blackness..."

The Gorgons are the erstwhile inhabitants of Atlantis. It was the betrayal of their god Oceanos that led to the sinking of Atlantis. In their lust for power they allowed the poison of the serpent Gorga to seep into their souls, thus corrupting them so completely that now they are shadows of their former selves.

Their external appearance is only vaguely reminiscent of the proud, handsome features of the Atlanteans. Their magnificent luster is gone and has been replaced by a slimy, serpentine body. Living vipers grow from their heads, and their faces have been distorted by evil.

Even in battle they demonstrate their wiles for, despite their own prowess, the Gorgons prefer to send their subjects into the fray. They prefer to attack from a distance with their toxic spit or petrifying gaze.

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