"They'll run away scared one minute and come back for more the next!"

Countless tales are told of the little beasts and their child-like antics. While children play harmless pranks and might steal jewelry or candy, these creatures steal and destroy things needed for human survival. They take such joy in imitating others - even to the point of playing war.

As the curious children of the Anderworld, Gremlins can be found all over the place and are always up to mischief. They don't do well with orders for the pure fact that holding onto a single is a real challenge for them.

Don't be fooled by the fidgety behavior, of these toad-like sprites with big batty ears. They love forming to ambush their victims and viciously attack them with their claws and razor-sharp teeth. Even in combat they fight chaotically, confusingly and more or less annoyingly.

Gremlins are found almost everywhere throughout the world. They come in various levels with different amounts of attack and health. They often attack in hordes to overwhelm their enemies though they are often the weakest monsters within their region(s). 

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