"The incarceration of pure power and savagery, these warriors never hesitate nor surrender."



Huge and hideous with the body of a human and the head of a boar, the grimling is every hunter's worst nightmare, especially when they attack with a mighty spear and covered in war paint.

As the strongest and fiercest members of the Wild Hunt, the grimlings act as leaders and have the power to decide over war alliances but often follow their animal instincts and savage needs.

Relentless and highly resilient, these ghastly warriors charge into battle, take their targets head on and try to knock them down with a numbing first blow. Grimlings are especially dangerous when they're wounded. If they die in a ferocious frenzy, they'll transform into something even more repugnant and dangerous. This species fought for survival and learned to adapt long before humankind was ever born.

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