Groups are the way to help players level up and defeat bosses quickly. Though all the classes by themselves are very good in one skill and bad in the other, in a group, they all compliment each other. Dragonknights can take hits, Spellweavers can deal plenty of damage, and Rangers can be a sub for either. Watch the video below to see a group of players defeat Gorga on hard mode.

However it should be noted that Group members share all the experience points they get. Furthermore if a players level is 6 or more than the lowest level player then the lowest level player will not get any experience points.

For example: a 44 lvl dragoknight, a 40 lvl ranger and a 38 lvl spellweaver team up. They will ALL share loot and experience. DK will get 1/3 of the total experience, Ranger will get 1/3 of the total experience but the spellweaver will not get any.

In certain areas, namely parrallel worlds, events and destructor, the monsters health will scale according to how many people there are in that group. Groups can still be beneficial as armor break can stack up to 2 times. A spellweaver's Singularity, a steam mechanicus's C14 Micro-Rocket, and a dragon knight's Iron brow, stack (up to 2 times) such that monsters can have -170% armor. Two debuffs of the same class will not stack however; a monster that has two singularity's cast will only have -85% armor, and not 170%. Each class has stuns that help with crowd control.

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