Sw Spellweaver
Range Medium
Effect Summons a Guardian
Duration of Effect 10 seconds
Cooldown 30 seconds
Essence cost 5
Mana -50
>>Required Level 22


Guardian is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 22.

Description Edit

Summons a Magical Guardian who will fire at your foes for 10,0 seconds, causing 100% of your base damage as physical damage.

Only one Guardian can be active at a time.

Talent enhancements Edit

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Watchman Loyal Guardian Removes Guardian mana costs. 23 2
Watchman Mighty Guardian Doubles the Guardian's resistance power and allows him to taunt any foe in a 10 meter radius. 24 3
Watchman Guardian of Flames Allows Guardians to shoot Fireballs, burning all foes around them. 25 5

Guardian of Flames Edit

Guardian can be modified with the Guardian of Flames talent, making it a fiery Guardian that shoots Fireballs instead of Lightning bolts.

Mighty Fire Guardian

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