# Lvl Quest Giver Location Destination Rewards
1 6 Hoyt Darbmoor Swerdfield A 6,  C 47, XP: 136
2 6 Hoyt Darbmoor Swerdfield A 8,  C 88,  XP: 249
3 6 Hoyt Darbmoor Swerdfield A 10, S 1  C 35,  XP: 405
4 6 Hoyt Darbmoor Swerdfield A 14, S 3  C 87,  XP: 1120

Know Thine Enemy1Know Thine Enemy(1)

Gremlin goon

Know Thine Enemy2Know Thine Enemy3Living swamp slimeKnow Thine Enemy4

Know Thine Enemy(4)Wildherz tracker

Wildherz scoutKnow Thine Enemy5Know Thine Enemy6

Know Thine Enemy(6)Gremlin goon

Living swamp slime

Wildherz tracker

Wildherz scoutKnow Thine Enemy7

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