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Collect Knowledge books to build the Knowledge tree. With each successive level, receive +1% health / +1% base damage. Every fifth level, learn a new talent.

Know tree
30 Ancient 6 Epic Mount - Thanks to Ancient Wisdom you can now pick out your favorite Epic Mount.
25 Ancient 5 Cloak of Power - You obtained the knowledge to create a "Cloak of Power," and so you've earned the right to wear cloaks.
20 Ancient 4 Mount - From old tomes, you have learned the ability to mount and ride steeds.
15 Ancient 3 Teachings of the seventh path - You have obtained ancient wisdom that permits you to take another skill into battle.
10  Ancient 2 Kobold, protector of treasure - The knowledge of this ancient pact permits you the use of the Kobold to protect your treasure. You may store armor, gear and items with him.
Ancient 1 Teleportation - Ancient wisdom opens you to the teachings of teleportation. This skill allows you to teleport directly to the last urban area visited.

Cost to UpgradeEdit

Each level upgrade requires a cost in increasing amounts of knowledge. As of Release 139, it is now possible to purchase Knowledge with Andermant​.

Level Cost Per Level Cost Per 5 Levels Total
1-5 Knowledge book 150 Knowledge book 750 Knowledge book 750
6-10 Knowledge book 500 Knowledge book 2.500 Knowledge book 3.250
11-15 Knowledge book 750 Knowledge book 3.750 Knowledge book 7.000
16-20 Knowledge book 3.000 Knowledge book 15.000 Knowledge book 22.000
21-25 Knowledge book 3.000 Knowledge book 15.000 Knowledge book 37.000
26-30 Knowledge book 3.000 Knowledge book 15.000 Knowledge book 52.000
31-35 Knowledge book 3.500 Knowledge book 17.500 Knowledge book 69.500
36-40 Knowledge book 4.000 Knowledge book 20.000 Knowledge book 89.500
41-45 Knowledge book 4.500 Knowledge book 22.500 Knowledge book 112.000
46-50 Knowledge book 5.000 Knowledge book 25.000 Knowledge book 137.000

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