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Master Robe of Eternal Ice
Sw Spellweaver
(Torso, Armor)
Item level: 40
147 Armor value
Base Values
117 Armor value (base)
+ 30 Armor value
+ 300 Hitpoints
Durability: 60/60
>> Requires level 40
Melting value:Glyph icon 15330
Selling price: G 4 S 8


Sigrismarr Frostclaw (Difficult) in Hjalgrimur


Master Robe of Eternal Ice-060kiilsOMG

Level 50 UpgradeEdit

Master Robe of Eternal Ice (Upgraded)
(Torso, Armor)
Item level: 50
223 Armor value
Base Values
178 Armor value (base)
+ 45 Armor value
+ 459 Hitpoints
Hammer upgrade 10
>> Requires level 40
Level:40 Increase Level: 50
??.? Armor Value        +??.? ??.?
30.0 Armor Value +15.7 45.7
300.0 HP +156.9 456.9
Glyphs: 13,938,487 Level: 50

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