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Basic Info
Location Mortis' Courtroom
Level Painful: 50-55 (scales to highest level player)
Excruciating and Fatal: 50-55
Infernal I and II: 55
Drops Sw: Cap of Death, Amulet of Death, Starlight, Enigma
R: Death Mask, Chain of Death, Predator, Beast
Dk: Helmet of Death, Seal of Death, Cloaked Wrath, Justice
D: Horror Mask, Seal of Death, Avenger, Mechanicum

Residing in Mortis' Courtroom, Mortis is the final boss of the Sea of Shadows region. To access Mortis' Courtroom, complete the quest Across the Sea of Souls and give 1 Coin to the Ferryman to transport you across the Sea of Souls. The level of Monsters will scale to the highest-level player in the group and the difficulty will scale to the number of players. 

The BattleEdit


  • During phase I of the battle, players must defeat a stationary Skeledragon located at the end of the dungeon. Mortis' Bodyguard will also appear to challenge you in battle.

Skeledragon and MortisEdit

  • Killing Skeledragon will initiate phase II, and the arrival of Skeledragon and Mortis. Mortis' Bodyguards will continue to enter the courtroom.
  • The team goal is to defeat Mortis before too many Hateful Soul enter the center seal. If the count surpasses 1000, all player in the arena will face an inevitable death and Mortis revives complete health.
    • Malicious soul (6 soul count) - fast moving, low health
    • Malevolent soul (43 soul count) - slow moving, high health
  • Silenced Negation puddles will drop within the courtroom; players in the puddle will not be able to use any skills, and must walk outside the puddle before being able to use skills. 
  • Stepping into the center seal will cause continuous andermagic damage and slows movement.
  • Teams must balance players between attacking Mortis and preventing high number of souls from reaching the center seal. 


Unique DropsEdit

Drops from Mortis level 40-45

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Cap death Cap of Death Death mask Death Mask Helmet death Helmet of Death Mask of fear Horror Mask
Amulet death Amulet of Death Amulet death Chain of Death Amulet death Seal of Death Seal of death Seal of Death

Starlight Starlight

Predator Predator Cloak40 Cloaked Wrath Avenger Avenger
40 mage1Enigma Beast Beast 40dk1 Justice Mechanicum Mechanicum


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