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Grizmek tames and sells his prized steeds in Kingshill, Jarlshofn, EllonidosAndrakasch, and Varholm (day). Some events also reward mounts for participation. Mounts increase your travel speed in all locations, with exceptions in some PvP arenas. Attacking or being attacked will dismount you from your steed. Learn the Mount talent  from the knowledge tree to ride a traditional horse and learn Epic Mount to use an epic mount.


Acheive level 20 on the Knowledge Tree and learn the ability to mount and ride steeds. Increase travel speed by 85%. (source )

Mount Name Obtained through Cost


Gray (Mount) Grizmek the Tamer G 10


Brown (Mount) Grizmek the Tamer G 20


Fine Steed (Fox) Grizmek the Tamer A 1,490


Black (Mount) Grizmek the Tamer

A 1,489


Terror Horse Lost Truth Event II (Oct. 2012) 3000 Viscanium

Hell Mare

Hell Mare Bloody Harvest Event (Oct. 2012), The Ghastly GnobNightmare 'Blazing Inferno',

Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Return

6800 Skulls,
Drak14 650

Fine steed

White (Mount)

The Ghastly Gnob

Drak14 480
Steed of truth Steed of Truth The Lost Truth III & IV & V (Jan. & April & July 2013) 3000/3000/492 Pure Viscanium



Winter Solstice Festival (2012 & 2013)

Honey Cookies

Unicorn Unicorn Grizmek the Tamer A9,989
Fine steed - palomino Palomino (Mount) Grizmek the Tamer G 250
Sorrel Sorrel (Mount) "Special Shop " event (Jan. 2013) G 15
Rainbow Rainbow Unicorn Grizmek the Tamer A12,990
Shadow steed Shadow Steed

Terrifying Shadows I & II & III (2013)

2335/1405/1405 Shadows

Blue horse Blue Armored War Horse Attack on Werian Sanctuary

Invasion of Kingshill

progress reward,
Red horse Red Armored War Horse Terrifying Shadows - The Relics of the Wild Forest (2013), Terrifying Shadows - Dragan's Plan 4960 Shadows
Steed of the Crown Steed of the Crown Grizmek the Tamer A 7,890

Epic MountsEdit

Requires level 30 knowledge to use. Increase travel speed by 100%. (source )

Mount Name                       Obtained through        Cost                                 
Adaaasız Armed Norse Bear Sonja Storskjarva (Jarlshofn) 1v1 Quest (1480 Wins)
Asdasdasda Armed Knight Horse Robert Rampage (Kingshill) 3v3 Quest (1110 wins)
Cerebus Armored Lava Hound Archos Andronikos (Ellonidos) 5v5 Quest (740 wins)
Steamroller Steam Powered Chariot Barium Bloodbaum (Kingshill, Andrakasch) 6v6 Quest (444 wins)
Dragonbrood Blood-Scaled Dragonspawn Grizmek the Tamer A 19,990
Black bear mount Black Bear Stellar Gold raffle 1 winner per sever
Bike mount Steambike Grizmek the Tamer A 23,899
Batytleboar Battle Boar The Ghastly Gnob Drak14 5,000
Epic reindeer Solstice Reindeer Winter Solstice Festival 2013 Jullov family quests + Reindeer mount
Jadeds Jade Dragonspawn Defeat the Undefeatable V Complete event
Onyx dragon Onyx Dragon Dragan's Vanguard Iron Lady quest (from Tonioscha Stronghammer)
Mother of pearl dragonspawn Mother of Pearl Dragonspawn Grizmek the Tamer A 19,900
Tame battle spider Tame Battle Spider Curse of the Black Knights - Rise of Dragan Save the Mechanica quest 5/6
Fester Mare (Quick Mount) Fester Mare Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Return Fester Mare 1-3 + Fester Mare 2-3 + Fester Mare 3-3 + Hell Mare
Jumong's War Horse(1) The Legendary King's War Horse Grizmek the Tamer A 14,989
Rash Rhino Rash Rhino Emilia (Premium Only) G 5,000
Agate Scaled Dragonspawn (ico) Agate Scaled Dragonspawn Defeat the Undefeatables VI & VII 3000 Insignia of Honor
Knights of the Round Table Knights of the Round Table Zumpe Gilded Clover(transparent) 100
Armored Lion Armored Lion Curse of the Black Knights - Dragan's Rage Glorious Chest of Dragan (4-4) + Glorious Chest of Dragan (4-4) + Glorious Chest of Dragan (4-4) + Glorious Chest of Dragan (4-4)
Panther Armored Panther TBA TBA
Bengal Tiger Armored Tiger Grizmek the Tamer A 23,899
Siberian Tiger Armored White Tiger TBA TBA
Amber Dragonbrood (icon) Amber Dragonbrood Gift Horse Package A 2,599

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