Nefertari cultist


In the age of antiquity, Nefertari was already worshipped as a goddess of fertility who bestowed humanity with prosperity and success. As her popularity grew, she began to outshine the other gods and slowly started to replace them, until the God King Agathon put an end to her cult. But as his empire crumbled, the cult rose out of the ashes like the phoenix and quickly regained their position.

Composed of mages who openly opposed the Order, the Nefertari cult actively worked against the Order to bring about their downfall. As the age-old prophesy once foretold, they unleashed powerful lightning bolts to strike down their enemies and created an undead army to fight on their side.

Power has its price: Unable to truly control the dark powers of the Andermagic and its effects, the Nefertari were transformed into monstrous beasts. Although they are able to disguise themselves and hide their true form, the Nefertari will never be able to undo the damage that has been done by sacrificing their souls and free will to please Nefertari.

"They came to us in our hour of need and offered us safety, but in return, they robbed us of our souls."


There are many types of Nefertari. There are just regular Nefertari Cultists or Neferatari Necromancers which can be found in the Crypt of Kings.

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