October 1st, 2017
Premium Day

Premium Only
Visit Emilia the Premium Merchant during the Premium Day event and buy the listed Items.

Name Effect Level Cost
Might blessing Friendly Blessing of Might +50% Damage 1 A 560
Speed Friendly Blessing of Speed 50,00% Faster attack speed 1 A 560
Armor Friendly Armor Protection +50% Increased Armor value 1 A 560
Herald of Glory Herald of Glory +15% honor after completing battles 1 A 560
Holy water from tegan's sanctuary Holy Water from Tegan's Sanctuary + 225 Armor value
+ 23 Damage
25 A 140
Imperial blessing Imperial Blessing + 235 Armor value
+ 240 Hitpoints
+ 24 Damage
35 A 235
Oceanus tears Oceanus' Tears + 290 Armor value
+ 296 Hitpoints
+ 30 Damage
40 A 280
Liturgy of hope Liturgy of Hope + 174 Armor value
+ 177 Hitpoints
20 A 94
Sacred protective candle Sacred Protective Candle + 180 Hitpoints 10 A 47
Finest honey from the eternal grove Finest Honey from the Eternal Grove + 58 Armor value
+ 59 Hitpoints
20 A 59
Satyr tongue skewers with onions Satyr Tongue Skewers with Onion + 78 Armor value
+ 80 Hitpoints
+ 8 Damage
35 A 146
Refined lorti liquer Refined Lorti Liqueur + 96 Hitpoints
+ 10 Damage
30 A 118
Shorfolk fish with lemon Shorfolk Fish with Lemon + 75 Armor value
+ 8 Damage
25 A 88
Encyclopedia of Revelation Encyclopedia of Revelation 50,0% more XP when defeating enemies
Duration: 7d 0h 0m 0s
1 A 3079
Tome of Insight Tome of Insight 50,0% more XP when defeating enemies
Duration: 3d 0h 0m 0s
1 A 1750

Icon Name Description Cost
Armored Skeleton Costume Icon Armored Skeleton Costume The most revealing costume yet! Now, ready for battle! A 10699
Emissary Suave Costume A suave look for a Spaniard of refined taste. Suits any type of armor. A 3961
Yellow vortex Yellow Essence Vortex Let the Yellow Essence Vortex envelop you. A 4752
Camo Chameleon Skin Use this costume to blend into your surroundings and surprise attack your enemies. A 4752
Veritable Oriental Battle Costume Try a new style with this Oriental Battle Costume. Can be worn over every type of armor. A 3961

Icon Name Description Cost
Power of the heavens Power of the Heavens You have the power of all the heavens on our side. Let your sword be the beacon and watch as your enemies shudder. A 16489
Attack Attack! Use this battle cry to call your allies into battle with you. A 16489
Victory dance Victory Dance You won - Time to bend over and shake your tail feather! A 4752
Gremlin toss Gremlin Toss Test your upper body strength and see if you can toss a gremlin farther than anyone else! A 4752
1stplace Renowned First Place Ascend to the first step on your way to glory. A 11542
Wrestle Wrestlemaniac! Time to show everyone who the champion of the ring is! A 3352
Dracanian Style Icon Dracanian Style Crabs in the pants? No, my father showed me that dance! Now you can learn it, too! A 4129
Laughing fit Laughing Fit Use a Laughing Attack to show our enemies how little respect you have for them A 2792
Backflip Somersault It'll make you jump for joy! A 832
Push ups Push Ups Put everyone to shame by doing more push ups than they do! A 832
Kalinka Malinka Kalinka Malinka Dazzle your audience by skillfully performing a traditional dance interlude from afar! A 3499

Icon Name Description Cost
Armored Rhino Icon-0 Armored Rhino A thunderous sound, a shaking ground - nobody will be brave enough to stand in your way while traveling on your armored rhino. A 23899
Gift Horse Package Lucky Mount Package Open this package to receive a random mount and 999x Essences of Destruction! A 1559
Blue horse Blue Armored War Horse This Armored War Horse has a beautiful, blue coat of armor. A 3945
Bike mount Steambike This bicycle was invented by Leodosh the Screw-Whisperer and is powered by strength and steam. A 11950
Unicorn Unicorn Traverse the countryside mounted atop your Unicorn. A 4995
Red horse Red Armored War Horse This Armored War Horse has a beautiful, red coat of armor. A 3945
Jumong's War Horse(1) The Legendary King's War Horse Traverse the countryside mounted atop The Legendary King's War Horse. A 7495
Steed of the Crown Steed of the Crown Mount your Steed of the Crown and travel the countryside. A 3945
Mother of pearl dragonspawn Mother of Pearl Dragonspawn Mount your Mother of Pearl Dragonspawn and travel the countryside! A 9950

Icon Name Effect Cost
Cyclops Kid Icon Cyclops Kid + 550 Armor value (level dependent) A 15899
Monkey Cheeky monkey Calls your little companion A 1596
Black Chicken Black Chicken 10,0% increased critical damage A 5100
White Chicken White Chicken 10,0% increased critical damage A 5100
Brown Chicken Brown Chicken 10,0% increased critical damage A 5100
Fat pig Pudgy Dragonspawn Increases health by 5% A 4950
Jumpy squir Jumpy Squire 5% Faster travel speed A 6950
Fairy Fairy-summoning Wand Increases travel speed by: 25%
(Urban Area only)
A 2495
Pet bomb spawn Bomb Buddy 5% Increased critical hit value A 6950
Lucky Companion Package Lucky Pet Package Open this package to receive a random Companion!
You might even receive an exclusive companion:
Dr. Jullov
A 2099

Icon Name Description Required
Belt of Zeal RA Icon Belt of Zeal Unique Item 50 A 29994
G7500 S0 C64
Schematic - Belt of Zeal Icon Schematic - Belt of Zeal Crafting Manual 50 G25
Equipment Refiner Icon Equipment Refiner Use it to convert old into new items 1 A 849
Platinum Lucky Sphere of Crafting Cores Icon Platinum Lucky Sphere of Crafting Cores Contains 10x random Crafting Cores 50 A 1499

Name Description Level Cost
Drakens Draken x100 Event Currency 1 A 5240
Materi Fragment Materi Fragment x500 Parallel World Currency 1 A 360
Realm fragment a Realm Fragment x10 Thabo's Currency 1 A 474
Lock pick Lockpick x50 A lockpick to open magic, extraordinary and legendary treasure chests 1 A 1500
Amphorae key Amphorae Key Open a "Festive Amphora" 1 A 360