Achieve certain feats in any of the official arenas and gain bonus Badges of Honor at the end of the match.

Achievements for all arena types
Badge Achievement Description Reward
Ruthless! Ruthless!  Most enemies defeated (At least 7) 50 Honor Points
Invincible! Invincible! Most enemy players defeated without having fallen in battle (At least 3) 33 Honor Points
Indestructible! Immortal! Didn't fall once in the entire battle and sufferend the most damage (1v1): 33 Honor Points
All other modes: 100 Honor Points
5v5 Capture the Flag Achievements
Badge Achievement Description Reward
Essential part of the team Essential part of the team! 3 Captured flag single-handedly 75 Honor Points
Unbeatable Unbeatable! Stopped the most enemy flag-carriers (At least 3) 50 Honor Points
6v6 Storm the Fortress Achievements
Badge Achievement Description Reward
Unstoppable Unstoppable! Destroyed most defense towers in one match (minimum 5) 75 Honor Points
Immortal! Destroyed most Streamdrivers in battle (minimum 3) 75 Honor Points

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