"Drool poured from their snapping jaws and escape became futile."

These snarling mongrels are the companions and noses of the wild hunt. The ravenous pack may play a subordinate role in the wild hunt but do not mistake them for being tame hunting dogs.

Their presence means only that their masters are not far behind. When the scent of prey throws them into a frenzy, the call of the Horned-crier begins to sound. They are source of the fear which spreads like a fog across the forest. Their roles are many: Impressive scouts, loyal defenders, insurmountable guardians or merciless hunters.

Their glowing-red eyes, long attentive ears and incredibly powerful legs are what separate these creatures from normal hounds. They swiftly pounce upon their opponents. Once they target their prey, nothing will stop them until said prey lies lifelessly beneath their mighty paws.

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