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Ring of magic sw
Ring of Magic
Sw Spellweaver
(Ring Finger, Ring)
Item level: 15
+ 5 Damage
+ 5 Mana Points
>> Requires level 15
Melting value:Glyph icon 3390
Selling price: G 1 S 21 C 20

Possible LocationsEdit

Random drop from monsters level 10-19.

Level 50 UpgradeEdit

Ring of magic sw
Ring of Magic (Upgraded)
(Ring Finger, Ring)
Item level: 50
+ 22 Damage
+ 19 Mana Points
Hammer upgrade 35
>> Requires level 15
Level:15 Increase Level: 50
5.0 Damage +16.8 21.8
5.0 Mana Points +14.0 19.0
Level: 15 Glyphs:4,627,230 Level: 50

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