Root creatures


"When I stumbled, I thought at first I was just being clumsy. But that root had an evil inclination in its core!"

Deep under the earth the roots of trees bore into the soil. Yet under the influence of Anderworld, even harmless nature gains a dark appetite. Roots tangle themselves into grotesque formations, into hungry beings that looking horrifyingly humanoid.

The root creatures are made of intertwined strands of strong roots, bent boughs and mossy tendrils. They've had enough of staying in one place and now wander about on the search for food. Magic has given them mobility but no intelligence, and so it is their insatiable hunger that drives them on.

The root creatures are tough and strong and have remained close to their origin: they can plow their powerful arms deep into the earth, ensnaring any living creates that come within range of their long offshoots. Woe be upon ye once it gets you in its grasp!

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