# Lvl Quest Giver Destination Rewards Notes
1 20 Father Caelius Slifmoor A 12, S 9 C 50, XP: 2100
2 21 Father Caelius Slifmoor A 28, S 18 C 50, XP: 3600
3 21 Father Caelius Slifmoor A 30, S 22 C 72, XP: 4300 (Re): S24 C31

20 save their souls 1 Save Their Souls 1-3 Citizen of grovery Citizen of grovery1 Citizen of grovery2 Citizen of grovery3 Citizen of grovery4 Save Their Souls 1-3 end 21 save their souls 2 Save Their Souls 2-3 Nefertari statue bless Save Their Souls 2-3 end Save Their Souls 3-3 Save Their Souls 3-3 Statue1 Save Their Souls 3-3 Statue2 Save Their Souls 3-3 Statue3 Save Their Souls 3-3 CoG Save Their Souls 3-3 end

Removed partEdit

Save their souls 3.1 Undead skeletons amulet Save their souls 3.2


Save their souls re

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