Sw Spellweaver
Range Medium
Effect Travel speed reduced by up to 95%, attack speed reduced by up to 50%, armor and resistances reduced by up to 85%
Duration of Effect 8 seconds
Area of Effect 4,3 meter radius circle
Cooldown 30 seconds
Essence cost 3
Mana -50
>>Required Level 30


Singularity is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 30.

Description Edit

Creates a Space-time Singularity for 8,0 seconds that will slow down all foes within a 4,3 meter radius by up to 95%. It will also reduce their attack speed by up to 50%, and their armor and resistance values by up to 85%.

The effects of the Singularity are strongest at its center and decrease from the center outwards.

Talent enhancements Edit

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Singulariteetti Alignment Reduces Singularity's costs by 25 mana. 31 2
Singulariteetti Distorted Reality Singularity deals up to 50% of your base damage in physical damage per second to all foes in the affected area. 32 3
Singulariteetti Synchronicity As long as you're in the Singularity, the cooldown times of all your active skills will get shorter and shorter. 33 5

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