# Lvl Quest Giver Destination Rewards
1 22 Sister Liadan (Werian Sanctuary) Rootrock Cavern A 5, S 3 C 11, XP: 992
2 23 Sister Liadan (Werian Sanctuary) Werian Sanctuary A 3, S 1 C 71, XP: 519
3 24 Sister Liadan (Werian Sanctuary) Rootrock Cavern A 12, S 8 C 24, XP: 2585

22 spores of corruption 1 Spores of corruption 1.1 Dark sister clue Spores of corruption 1.2 23 spores of corruption2 Spores of corruption2.1 Perlie fungi Spores of corruption 2.2 24 spores of corruption Spores of corruption 3.1 Perlie explosion Mushroom bomb Spores of corruption 3.2


Spores of corruption re

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