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Description Edit

Steam Mechanica are masters at mid-range combat because of their unbeatable fire power. Their shots are rapid and forceful; they can assemble weapons at the drop of a hat; and they can mobilize quickly using their fire and steam-powered contraptions. They're also not afraid to use grenades and tanks. Basically, you don't want to be on their bad side!

Background Edit

If there's one thing Dwarves know like the backs of their worn hands, it's their mechanical inventions. In fact, some of the most celebrated inventors are Dwarves. It's said they can fashion things like guns with nothing more than a few screws and pipes.

As far back as history can recall, Dwarves have lived secluded from man, deep within the mountains. Since the return of their time-old foe, the Dragon, the Dwarves have emerged to search for allies.

The Guild of Master Technicians has long since been feared in battle because of their impressive weapons. Their artillery is so remakable because of it's steam-power. Leave it to Dwarves to harness the power of steam! The only downside to Dwarven inventions is they are difficult to maneuver and they tend to malfunction at inconvenient times. When they aren't blowing something up, Dwarves are usually cutting up and having a good time.

Talent Tree Edit

Experience Tree

Fame Tree

Resource Regeneration Rate Edit

2.5 Steam per second

Pros Edit

  • Very good monster-wave clearing
  • Abilities that reduce cooldown on their skills
  • "Damage - tank" hybrid
  • A few team supportive skills (Tactical turret, Tesla coil enhancement)
  • One of the best classes at fighting while moving around/over barriers due to its turrets.

Cons Edit

  • Lower attack range if using one-handed weapon
  • Slowest regeneration of resource (Steam)
  • Very few hard crowd control skills

Skills Edit

For more info about the skills, click here.

Icon Name


D1dwarf Quick Shot

Level: 1
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 1
Steam: 0

Fire a Quick Shot that will cause one foe 60% of your base damage as physical damage.
D2 dwarf Mechanical Turret

Level: 2
Cooldown: 0
Steam: 50

Build a Mechanical Turret that will attack your enemies for 10.0 seconds, delivering 65% of your base damage as physical damage.

Only one Mechanical Turret can be active at a time.

D3 Bomb

Level: 3
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 2
Steam: 0

Throw a Bomb that will explode shortly after being tossed and cause 90% of your base damage as fire damage to all enemies within a 2.5 meter radius.
D4dwarf Oil Slick

Level: 6
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 0
Steam: 20

Places an Oil Slick on desired location for 10,0 seconds, causing all foes who step on it to travel 50% slower
D5 dwarf Rocket Pack

Level: 9
Cooldown: 10
Ammo: 0
Steam: 0 

Use your Rocket Pack to fly up to 10,0 meters away.
D6 Automated Turret

Level: 12
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 5
Steam: 50

Builds a Machine Gun Turret that will continually fire in a specific direction for 10,0 seconds, thereby causing 175% of your base damage as physical damage every second to all foes in range.

Only one Machine Gun Turret can be active at a time.

D7 Heavy Shot

Level: 15
Cooldown: 3
Ammo: 3
Steam: 0

Fires a Heavy Shot that will cause 250% of your base damage as physical damage.
Steam conductor Steam Conductor

Level: 18
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 0
Steam: 20

Reduces all active cooldowns times by one and a half seconds
Dwarf 9 C14 Micro-Rocket

Level: 22
Cooldown: 30
Ammo: 3
Steam: 0

Fires a C14 Micro-Rocket at a target, causing 75% of your base damage as physical damage to all foes within a 3,4 meter radius upon explosion.

Reduces all hit foes' armor and resistance values by 85% for 5,0 (PVP: 3,5) seconds.

Dwarf 10 Dwarf-in-the-Box

Level: 26
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 0
Steam: 20

Places a Dwarf-in-the-Box where you'd like him and, for three seconds, he'll mock your enemies. When he's finished taunting them, he'll explode, causing all of your base damage as fire damage to foes right next to him.
Tactical turret Tactical Turret

Level: 30
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 5
Steam: 50

Builds a Tactical Turret, which, for 10,0 seconds, will fire support missiles that will follow you and explode when you or one of your allies touches it. Whoever is hit by the explosion will travel 20% faster for 5 seconds. All foes within a 2 meter radius of the explosion will suffer 175% of your base damage as physical damage.

Only one Tactical Turret can be active at a time.

Shrapnel shot

Shrapnel Shot

Level: 35
Cooldown: 60
Ammo: 5
Steam: 0

Fires a Shrapnel Shot at a targeted position, causing 100% of your base damage as fire damage for 6,0 seconds to all foes within a 3,5 meter radius.
Iron dwarf Iron Dwarf

Level: 40
Cooldown: 120
Ammo: 0
Steam: 100

Transforms you into an Iron Dwarf for 12,0 seconds. As an Iron Dwarf, all of your armor and resistance values will be twice as strong and your travel speed will be 25% faster.

While active, your steam will be depleted and all of your skills will be deactivated, but you can use this powerful attack twice.

Tesla Coil Tesla Coil

Level: 45
Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 5
Steam: 50

Creates a Tesla Turret that will stand for 10,0 seconds and inflict two times your base damage as lightning damage to all foes within range.

Only one Tesla Turret can be active at a time.

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