Caverns of the Eternal Storm
Basic Info
Type Arena
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill, Andrakasch

6v6 Arena


There are two phases: 

  1. In the 1st phase the attackers try to destroy the enemy "towers" and destroy the bridge's mechanism in order to gain access to the second phase. TIME: 7 Minutes (if the defenders succesfully defend the bridge mechanism they automatically win without proceding to the 2nd phase)
  2. In the 2nd phase the attackers try to destroy the enemy "towers"  and the enemy base. TIME: (the remaining time from the 1st phase) + 4 Minutes.

Quest RewardEdit

Steam Mount

Barium Bloodbaum (Kingshill) offers a quest for wins in the Storm the Fortress arena: the Master Technician Uniform and the Steam Mount. Wins needed to complete each of the 5-part quest:

1st quest: 6
2nd quest: 18
3rd quest: 60
4th quest: 180
5th quest: 180 (Mount)

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