Royal Arena
Basic Info
Type Arena
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill
Match Time 3 Minutes

Teams of 3 players must fight to defeat all player of the opposing team to win a round in this arena. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match.

Once the clock runs down to ~1:05, an "Improved Strategy " buff will drop down in the center of the arena for anyone to pick up. This buff will grant the player 50% increased attack speed and +50% damage for 30 seconds.

After the match's 3 minutes have expired, all players will experience Exhaustion. Players will continually lose hit points every second until one player is left standing.

Spectator ModeEdit

Player who are defeated in the midst of battle will enter into "Spectator" mode, in which you may choose to experience the remainder of the round through the eyes of another player of your choosing.


At the end of battle, attain Badges of Honor and special Capture the Flag Achievements for successes in the arena.

Armed Knight Horse

Robert Rampage (Kingshill) offers a quest, Team Death Match, for wins in the Team Death Match arena for these prizes: Durian Knight Armor of Honor costume and the Armed Knight Horse. Wins needed to complete each of the 5-part quest:

I: 15
II: 45
III: 150
IV: 450
V: 450 (Mount)

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