Temple Sector
Map Temple Sector
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Region Atlantis
Monster Levels 39-40
Nearest Urban Area Ashraya

Access Temple Sector through the Heart of Atlantis and travel north to the Desecrated Sanctuary. The Temple Sector is divided in to four sections: the Water, Earth, Mountain and Sky levels.


lvl Name Type
39 Gorgon Acolyte Gorgon
39 Gorgon Ritualist Gorgon
39 Zorlobb Lookout Zorlobb
39 Jitterjelly Spawn Jitterjelly
40 Wild Snare Plant (Small Creepy Crawler) Snare Plant
40 Gorgon Priest Gorgon Special
40 Zorlobb Worshiper Zorlobb
40 Red Lobster Zorlobb Special
40 Gorgon Heretic Gorgon Special
40 High Priest B'Oran Gorgon Special
40 Jitterjelly Queen Jitterjelly Special
40 General Slipshod Gorgon Leader
40 General Folderol Gorgon Leader
40 General Balderdash Gorgon Leader
40 General Doltish Gorgon Leader
40 J'Elaell Gorgon Leader

Possible Unique DropsEdit

Map KeyEdit

DSO shabby tempelwijk1

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