Helios package
Varholm Chest
Consumed when used
Always contains:
- 2 Werewolf Bloods (progress units)
- 50 Silver Essences

Also contains one of the following:
- Silver Essences
- Amphorae Keys
- Moonwalk (consumable)
- Scroll of Silver Power (5 minutes)
- Universal Health Potion

- Scroll of Silver Power (1 hour)
- 50 Draken
- 200 Werewolf Bloods (progress units)

Not for sale
Obtained Through: Full Moon Event

Collect Varholm's Chest by completing quests from Rubina in Varholm during the Full Moon Event:

Shady Jon will also sell Chests during the event:

  • 1x = A 170
  • 5x = A 850

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